Next Step Toward Healing

Your story is unique. So is your healing journey. What might your next steps be?


Say a prayer of surrender to God. Give Him your life, your pain and your struggle. Ask Him to reveal Himself and His love to you. His Word is full of truth and hope. Spend time each day in it. The Psalms are a good place to start.

Reach Out.

Find someone you trust to journey with you. A counselor. A friend. Share your feelings with them and allow them to speak truth to you lovingly. IN time, you may also want to invite someone else to jump in.


Write scriptures that speak to you. Write your honest thoughts and prayers. It can be difficult to see change day by day. But a journal helps you see the mile markers along the way and how you’ve seen God work in your life.


Read books that will foster healing in your life. Some suggestions are included in the resource section.